Some Isle of Wight Inventors and Inventions

Stories of Local Technology

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  Arab stimulates an American industry   The forgotten work at Ryde of John Harrington  
  Boy's Death Improves Life For Others   Valentine Gray and teh Ramo;eur Company  
  Confectioners tie rockets up with string   The Matthew brothers rocket apparatus  
  Climb every Mountain   The Ventnor Funicular Railway that never was  
  Earth shaking events at Shide   The life of Professor John Milne. Father of Modern Seismology  
  Free Power from Ryde for ever   George Singleton Hill and his Waterwheel  
  Genius Brother of Newport Grocer   A little about Robert Hooke 1635 - 1703  
  Get another electrician   Guglielmo Marconi' work on the Isle of Wight  
  Motor Cars are here to stay   The Liquid Fuel Company of East Cowes  
  Neither fish nor fowl   Sir Christopher Cockerell and Island Hovercraft  
  Nunn makes fortune with French blond   Henry William Nunn - then Lace maufacturer of Whippingham  
  Princess is followed by Islander   The story of just two of the Island aircraft  
  Ryde man opens up the world   Henry Knight and the story of the tin-opener  
  Sewers fascinate Parkhurst resident   Robert Harris Reeves - foreman of parkhurst works  
  Was he really Alice's White Knight?   Augustus George vernon Harcourt 1834 - 1919  
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